Sunday, February 5, 2017

Our Turn For Heavy Snowfall!

We have received over 4cm of snow this morning and the flakes are still tumbling from the sky as thick and huge as they have been all winter! It is absolutely beautiful outside!

The down side is all the shovelling I am going to have to do in order to access our vehicle, then the time it will take to clear off the snow and ice in order to get to choir rehearsal. seems we continue to have many out of the house commitments on the snowiest of days this winter.

We missed church this morning. My husband is off work today after a horribly busy week and he is facing an equally crazy work agenda this coming week, so he used this morning as a rest time. Although he is off again tomorrow our day will be sandwiched between bank appointments, one early in the morning and one late in the afternoon. It will not be a relaxing day!

After choir we are going for dinner and a visit at Mohammed's and Nirmene's home. That will be fun!

So, happy winter to us! Apparently the snow is not going to stop until early Wednesday morning, we had better just relax and enjoy its pristine whiteness before a warmer weather system arrives on Thursday and we are back to icy, muddy melt once again.

This weekend we have received calls from two families from our second last parish. What a treat! We are so happily surprised to still be growing in relationships with former parishioners two years after the fact. What a lovely blessing!

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