Friday, February 24, 2017

Post-Surgery Update

We received a most encouraging report from our relative who had cancer surgery earlier this week.  Being at home and resting there instead of trying to rest in the bee hive that is a hospital ward is turning out to be a good thing.  There is lots of resting, there are short walks around the house, reading books and sending out wonderful emails to the family.  Since both the housemates are retired, there is lots of immediate assistance available and once the soreness from the incision settles down the recovery should speed along quite well.  Now there is a 3 week wait for the biopsy results from the tissue that was removed.  The "hurry up and wait" mode that accompanies this disease is such a mentally draining situation. Racing for a diagnosis, then waiting to get the results, racing to get on a surgical wait list, then waiting for the actual date, racing to hospital for the operation, then waiting for recovery and biopsy results, racing to the treatment plan then waiting for the actual procedures to never ends.  Coveting your prayers over the next three weeks while the next steps to recovery get sorted out. We are encouraged by what we have been told thus far.

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