Thursday, February 16, 2017

Repair Day

Today has been a day in limbo. I do not enjoy feeling so unsettled about what to focus on for a project around here for myself, but the day has turned into a repair day for the suite by the maintenance personnel. It is difficult to focus my own energies while awaiting their assistance.

It began last night when our bathroom sink clogged and refused to drain out all the wash water at bedtime. My husband and I took turns with the plunger and eventually got the water flowing again. It seems there may be a clog just up above the trap. We were able to pull a bit of "guck" out of there with the bent end of a wire coat hanger, but my plan was to head over to the store early this morning for some form of liquid drain de-clogger. I was barely dressed when the furnace maintenance men arrived to change the filter and tidy up whatever else the furnace repair contractor had submitted a request for when he inspected the furnace a month ago. That took awhile as I waited upstairs.

Technically we should be submitting a maintainance request to our board of management to have the bathroom sink drain snaked out, but our last two experiences with the plumber on staff have been less than satisfactory, leaving my husband to re-do the work himself anyway. Sigh.... the idea was that if the drain de-clogging product did not solve the problem we would tear our basement apart searching for the old drain snake we have had for years and snake the pipes ourselves.

So, as soon as the furnace men left I collected my purse to head for the store, but just then the board of management called to ask if the fellows who repair the cabinets and doors could come over to change the broken latch on a kitchen cupboard and also replace the basement door handle with its broken latch. We reported both problems less than 48 hours ago, so I was quite surprised by the speed with which the maintenance department was dealing with the request.

I set my purse and coat aside as it sounded like the repair people would be arriving imminently. That was three hours ago. No sign of anyone yet. I was hoping to have the bathroom sink treated by now and some vacuuming underway. I cannot hear the doorbell when the vacuum is running, so am waiting on that project....three hours later. I could have vacuumed twice by now. hahahaha

The maintenance crew is quite capable of fixing both doors without my supervision, but I do want to explain why we removed the latch from the basement door, so am loathe to go to the store before they arrive. We had to remove it after I came home one evening to find my husband locked in the basement when the latch failed after the door accidentally swung shut behind him when he went to the basement to do some sewing. Good thing I came home early that night! hahahaha Between the two of us twisting, pulling and wringing at the door knob, we finally got the thing to move the latch enough to get the door open. My husband quickly removed the latch to avoid any more inadvertent basement captures.

So, now it is time to make myself a chicken sandwich and a green salad for lunch. I would like to get out to the store this afternoon for the product I need for the bathroom sink, but also to enjoy the gloriously warm and sunny day! Here's hoping the crew arrives right after lunch!

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