Thursday, February 16, 2017


Well, I have been to the store, the drain in the bathroom sink is gurgling away as the chemicals try to clear a wider path through the muck.

The kindly, chattery maintenance man came shortly after lunch to put brand new closers and hinges on the kitchen cabinet door and put a different doorknob and latch on the basement door. He apologized that it was not a new unit, but one that had been removed when a tenant recently vacated another suite. Not new is putting it mildly, hahaha! It must be 30 years old judging by the patina on the finish, haha. But at least we don't have to worry about the latch sliding into the notch and locking us either in or out of the basement. There is so much old paint on it that you really have to work at getting it to slide out of the housing and into the notch in the door frame at all!

"Oh!", said our sweet  maintenance man with a big grin. "There is a lot of paint on there! Hmmmm...o well, at least now you don't have to worry about getting locked in the basement again."

Away he went, after telling me he was a cook for 20 years at The Chimney restaurant, but is so enjoying learning a new trade.  I could only smile and nod, then after he left have a serious giggle about the "new" doorknob unit. O typical of this place.  Is it any wonder we prefer to do so much of our own maintenance?

I love this fellow dearly. He is friendly, kind, sincere....just a dolly! I cannot complain about or to someone so happy about his new line of work that gives him evenings off with his family. I just cannot!

I have been learning very slowly over the past ten years to embrace this prairie culture of less than excellence. We're all in it together and maybe the lack of stress over attention to detail is what keeps the people sweet.

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