Saturday, February 25, 2017

Snow, Snow, Go Away!

Unrealistically, I have been hoping we would not get any more if.....right? 

Big fluffy flakes of the white stuff started coming down late yesterday morning and continued off and on throughout the day. It didn't amount to more than two or three centimetres total. In other words it is just enough to cover up the icy patches that were easy to avoid before. 

I watched my husband slippin' 'n' slidin' across the parking lot last evening on his way home from work and felt ticked off that I am once again going to have to tread carefully when I go outside. I cannot fall to the ground again this year, I cannot, I cannot. It has been 18 months since my last fall and broken bones. Mobility is something I am happily getting used to again! 

This morning I have choir rehearsal. We are rehearsing in the building where we will hold our spring concert. It will be good to be able to assess the space for how best to set up the eating area for our guests. They are fed well at every Amici concert, that is for sure! 

I am happy for the switch from Sunday afternoon this week. It means we are free to have our Egyptian friends over in the afternoon for tea. These friends love to see us at least every two weeks and have adopted us. They so miss their extended families in Egypt. Since my husband is working out of town the next two weekends we decided we had better arrange something! 

Tonight we are meeting other friends for dinner at Earls. They are set for a coupon frenzy to use up some Christmas gifts. We have not seen them since last summer, so it will be wonderful to get reacquainted. Busyness at work, health and family issues in both our families have created too much distance and it is time to rectify that! 

My husband is off work tomorrow, so maybe he can come to church with me. 

All in all it is looking like a good weekend social forecast despite snow and chillier weather.

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