Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Somebody Calm Me Down!!

I am cleaning the upstairs of our suite today and I shouldn't be taking time out to blog, but I have just completed cleaning one of the two rooms my husband uses for his library, computer projects etc. and I am frazzled completely!!

This is simply a personal rant for the day, not a huge marital issue requiring interrupting phone calls for the rest of today, not a put down of my husband.  It is just a need to let off steam today, probably due to the cold weather forcing me to stay indoors until tomorrow.

The mess in both rooms is caused by a combination of:
-CFS symptoms
-too little time off at home to deal with projects
-too much mental concentration required at work that strips away motivation too often as far as getting home projects completed
-unrealistic expectations of future need for bits and pieces of junk
-insufficient storage space in this suite....although I think no matter how much space my husband would ever have he would manage to fill it with half done, underdone, overloaded, projects and books and papers and "stuff" because that is his nature.

What it amounts to for me is 40 years of cleaning "around" and "under" the computer parts and wires and cords, stacks of books that have never quite made it onto the shelves, piles of papers that need to be dealt with "eventually" and boxes and bins and cartons of "this, that and the other thing" that have nowhere out of sight to be stored indefinitely.


Well, I am starting to feel better for confessing how frustrated I am today about my dear husband's constant mess, the time it takes me to clean around all this stuff and how PO'd I am that after 40 years we don't seem to have found a better way to deal with his constant clutter.  

Whew...feelin' much better now.  It doesn't take much because I am not looking to be angry at my husband.  He is who he is and I understand the reasons things are the way they are in his spaces...that includes the basement now that we have one again...sigh....  Basically I get 1/2 the space and he gets the other half, but I clean both halves because if he doesn't have time to deal with what is sitting around he definitely doesn't have time to keep the uncovered spaces clean! hahaha  No wonder I am a neat freak at this point in my life, eh? I have developed an aversion to mess and clutter of any kind, so it is keeping me on my toes about my own spaces and scattered bits of stuff.

So, on with the more space of his to clean up here and then I can vaccum the stairwell and head for MY spaces downstairs!  SO much easier to clean and tidy, yay!!

Actually, I think I will eat my lunch first so I have more mental and physical energy to clean that last upstairs room! 

Thanks for "listening".  I love my husband and knowing the problems he faces with his health and ministry every day are more responsible for my frustrations today than the actual extra cleaning I have to do.  Like so many people, he seems to face a tremendous number of circumstances that seem grossly unfair.

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