Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Sunshine = Joy!!

Wow...the sun is shining so brightly it is difficult to see outside without sun glasses on!  I LOVE IT!!  It is the best compensation for the ongoing cold temperatures!  YAY!!! It has warmed up to -20C in the past hour...brrrrr.....down to -30C tonight.

Today I took the bus downtown for my haircut and despite the cold, I enjoyed standing for 5 minutes at the bus stop both going and coming home while I waited for the bus to arrive.  It was great!!  As I waited to go downtown I had a few chuckles at a teensy weensy African girl, aged about 3, who was waiting with her mom.  The little gal had a summery, flowered pattern dress with light jeans underneath, socks that came up to her thighs, heavy felt lined winter boots, a huge parka, a toque with pompom on top, 2 pair of mittens and 2 scarves, one wrapped around her neck and one around her forehead.  Colour matching was not part of the look! She was adorable and was keeping pretty warm in her interesting get up.  hahaha  So cute!

It is nice to have decent looking hair for the next couple of weeks at least, before I lose all control of it again.  haha  I really like my stylist and we chatter away like 2 old friends depite her being exactly half my age. She is very good at schmoozing with her clients, gifted even.  It makes it more fun for me.  Then I had a chicken salad for lunch and did some window shopping through the main floor womens' wear in the Bay store...what a mess of stuff.  It looks like a warehouse in there any more.  There are a couple of nicely put together departments, but the sale racks are scattered willnilly throughout the place, clothes both decent and rather damaged all packed in together.  Both the Bay and Sears stores downtown are looking more and more like Value Village for new clothes....what a mess.  O well, it is an interesting way to spend 20 minutes or so while waiting for the next bus home.

Since the plough was attempting to remove snow from our parking lot when I got back, I started up the car and headed immediately to the grocery store.  I bought a LOT of food!!  We have been using up many of the sale items I purchased before Christmas, so it is time to buy fresh again.  I had a good time wandering up and down the aisles, filling my cart.  By the end of this month I will have sufficient PC points for between $80-$100 worth of "free" groceries.  I do make use of that points programme, more than any other I have ever had.  

So, now I have had a few minutes rest to blog and it is time to finish putting away the groceries.  My husband will be away at a vestry meeting tonight for our church, so I can catch up on some tv or reading while he is gone.  I am part way through the second novel starring the character Flavia de Luce, "The Weed that Strings the Hangman's Bag".  I will say this for author Bradley: he certainly knows how to use title hooks to draw my interest!! haha Sluuuurp...sucked right into the entire series of Flavia de Luce novels...just like that!

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