Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Thank you PC Points Plan

Today I used up some of the points I have accrued on my Presidents Choice customer service plan.  I used $70 worth of points, so I got my order for more than 50% off. I paid $43 for my $120 load of groceries. Thank you Loblaws for this particular customer reward plan that is so useful to me.  Of course living 2 blocks from an Independent PC grocery is also helpful as it means I do most of my grocery shopping at one of your stores.

Today marks 2 years since we began moving our things into this suite and 2 years to the day that I applied to join the PC plan.  To date I have received just over $1000 in free groceries.  Talk about a great rebate.  I could get used to saving $500 a year on food!!

I occasionally fill out one of their surveys that is accessible from my receipts each shopping trip. Lately there have been a number of questions specifically about my opinions regarding the usefulness in general and personally of the PC points plan.  O no...don't tell me there is a move afoot to start changing a perfectly useful plan and rendering it less useful. Please do not do that!  Puleeeeze!!

I am making the best possible use of the point offers each week and it is the rare week that I don't purchase at least 2/3 of the offered items.  Occasionally I do try one of the new products that has points attached and have made some delicious discoveries of foods I likely wouldn't bother to try without that little extra push from the company.  

I like the programme because there is no pressure to use the plan in any way.  Use it or not once you are a member.  There are not daily or even weekly emails demanding you use up points or making threats to terminate your benefits if you don't get busy and use the plan.

So, please Loblaws, don't tamper too much with the plan as it stands.  It is a good reward of the best for groceries!

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