Monday, February 27, 2017

That's Le Macaron, Not La Macarena!

I have now enjoyed a special dessert twice in the past 3 days!!  

Saturday evening we went for a nice dinner at Earl's restaurant and after our rather light fare our hosts decided we should have dessert as well.  There weren't any that I could safely eat and the portions are much bigger than anyone else wanted, so our friends suggested that we drive out to the east side to Le Macaron for specialty desserts.

My husband and I had never been there before, assuming that since it was a dessert cafe there would be nothing either of us could eat there.  What a wonderful surprise to find out that there are a number of items we can each enjoy on occasion.  Everything is baked onsite, so my husband and I can both check out what the ingredients are of the desserts that most appeal to us and make some intelligent choices that will not make either of us ill afterward.

There is a wide selection of tortes, puff pastry items, cookies, tarts, flans, all looking like they just arrived from a Portugese bakery, although I believe the owners and bakers here are ethnically from the Philippines.  O my many choices, so little time! hahaha  I selected a layered lemon curd macha torte with a lemon glaze on top.  It was a long looking slice, but, cut in half and setting the 2 halves side by side it fit pretty well into the amount of sweet cake-like dessert I am allowed to have at one sitting.  Having next to zero carbs in my Earl's salad, I decided to risk it and am so glad I did.  It was fantastic....did not taste icky-gooey sweet, had a lovely light texture and the macha flavour was authentically Japanese.  O how I did enjoy it. My husband enjoyed enthusiastically his strawberry and whipped cream filled long john style puffed pastry.

They have several excellent coffees there according to our coffee drinker friends and my husband was pleased with the relatively extensive tea menu.  Hot chocolate and other hot drinks are also available.

When we decided we would return there some day I had no idea that the "some day" would be today all ready!! hahaha  My friend from Moose Jaw came into town for the day and took me out for delicious bassa fish for lunch.  We looked at the restaurant dessert menu, a smorgasbord of chocolate and caramel sauces slopped over iced and whipped cream for a ridiculously high price, and decided to pass.  My friend was disappointed, but I can't assist her by sharing in such a sweet dessert, so I decided to take her to Le Macaron, only a few blocks away.  She was delighted too with the selection of goodies.  She had a large and delicious chocolate tart that could have benefitted with a slight warm up just to restore the fresh baked flavour and aroma, but she said it was still fantastic and is eager to return on her next visit.

What a nice little place...actually not that little as there is a long seating room along side the main area that is a great spill over room when the main restaurant is full.  There is a nice blend of couch/coffee table and chair/table seating and the double sided fire place in the main room is convenient to cozy up to on a chilly day.  Since they are open evenings it is a good place for a bit of specialty dessert after dinner in one of the nearby restaurants.

Nice to know there is a place where I can at least get a cookie on may be an expensive cookie, but it will be one of the best I have ever had, pretty much guaranteed if my first 2 desserts there are any indication.  What a gem of a place!

Le Macaron is located in the strip mall behind Applebee's restaurant on Quantz.


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