Sunday, February 12, 2017

The Perfect Sunday!

It is late in the afternoon on Sunday...a sunny, warming, snow melting kind of day, very rare in February in Regina.  If the temperature was about 15 degrees warmer and the day a few knots per hour windier, I would swear, looking at the soupy streets and sidewalks we are experiencing a good old Alberta chinook.  Unfortunately, this being Saskatchewan, all the puddles and damp sidewalks will freeze solid again overnight and make the morning work commute a nightmare...BUT I am not going to think about that right now!

Instead I am meditating on what a good day it has been.  My husband is now on day 2 of no stomach problems because he has watched his diet so closely since Friday evening's fiasco.  He has stayed calm, is as relaxed as I have seen him in several weeks and he even woke up in time to come cheerily to church with me.  He commented several times on how much he is enjoying being a simple parishioner and being able to go to church with no clergy collar for a change. hahaha 

The church service was so good....our new priest can preach a powerful, relevant sermon and the one today touched me right in the worry zone and blew it out of the water!  After the service the congregation held their annual general meeting and it went very well. The meeting was accompanied by a plethora of sandwiches, pickled veggies, sweet was a treat to be able to have a nice lunch with friends without going to a restaurant.  

After the meeting and lunch were over I had a nice amount of time to come home and get tidied up for the afternoon: 2 hours of singing and visiting with friends at choir rehearsal, followed by a very early supper to compensate for my very early lunch, a quick change into my Mark's Comfy Robe and a bit of dish washing and exercise.  Now I am blogging and planning to spend my evening blogging, playing a computer game, visiting with my husband who has spent his afternoon watching a movie he has been waiting to see and starting book four of the Flavia de Luce series, "I Am Half-Sick of Shadows".

Hopefully this is the kind of happy, relaxing Sunday we have many more of between now and the end of April, while my husband has so many Sundays off work. It is the kind of Sunday that prepares me well for busy days like tomorrow: dental fillings, banking, applying for my Canada pension, preparing lunch for a couple of fellows who may be visiting my husband after my dental appointment, preparing some new weight lifting exercises....yup, it will be a productive day off for both of us.

Thank you Lord for Sundays like this!

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