Saturday, February 4, 2017

Those Poor BC Folk and Their Massive Snowfall!

I am feeling badly for friends and family (and even complete strangers) who live in certain parts of Vancouver Island and in the Lower Mainland this weekend.  Their weather is the kind of weather WE here on the prairies are supposed to have in winter!

A friend called me from Vancouver Island this morning to report nearly 23cm (9 inches?) of snow and I watched in horror a video of transit buses attempting to gain ground in the city of Vancouver, even with far less snow at that point. The buses were spinning out, crashing into things and generally unable to make any progress around the city due to snow and ice and not having the necessary kinds of tires to work in that sort of weather.  I watched an hilarious video of some poor woman in Abbotsford attempting to clear the deep snow off her car using her folded up umbrella. She was standing in snow well past her ankles on the road.  O what a day she would have had trying to drive in that wet, deep, snow with summer tires on her vehicle.  No wonder my son is anxious to bail to New York City for a couple of years come least there some snow and cold is expected this time of year.  I wonder how the opening at the OR gallery went last night for the new art show he just installed this past week.  Did anyone actually show up in the bad weather???  O I do hope so for the sake of the artists and for all who worked so hard to get this show up and running.

As my husband and I drove around the city late this afternoon having a spontaneous date after his day at the local clericus meetings we noted a giant sundog high in the south eastern sky, indicating the ushering in of very cold weather for the next few days.  Looking at the forecast for the coming week we are back in the nearly -30C range for overnight lows, so guess our car will remain plugged in until at least Thursday morning.

Brrrrrrr....BUT spontaneous dates are a rarity for us and I don't care what kind of weather is going on outside on such an occasion where my husband insists on taking me out to celebrate (with dinner!!) absolutely nothing in particular!

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