Saturday, February 4, 2017

Time Marches On

I decided a few minutes ago to utilize good old Google Maps to look up the address of my first childhood home in Calgary.  Our old address was 1111-10th Street Southwest.  

Well, that address no longer exists per se.  My home has been replaced by a huge office building, surrounded by other huge office buildings, with retail stores and tiny restaurants dominating any spaces not filled in all ready with the aformentioned office buildings and huge apartment complexes.  11th Ave. is completely unrecognizable now to me....well, other than 1 office building, still utilized apparently...I think it was an office for the natural gas company originally....that was erected just before my 10th birthday, about the time we moved to a different part of the city.  There are so many buildings I can't even see the railway tracks that we used to cross at the end of our street in order to access downtown on foot. 

As you can tell, despite many trips to Calgary since I moved away 40 years ago, (has it really ONLY taken 40 years for all these changes to occur??), I have not driven through the old neighbourhood in at least 20 years.  All the old houses are gone...oh, except for one across the street and down a few lots from our place...the one where the elderly Hungarian couple lived who used to drink themselves senseless night after night and come out on the street hollering at each other and throwing things.  I can't remember how many times Dad had to call the police to come and calm things down.  That house has been painted a gaggable neon yellow, but I have no idea if it is still a residence or if it has been turned into some kind of business.  The corner grocery was still there the last time I drove past but now it is a vacant lot with a small office building beside it.  How well I remember skating in the rink that the grocer used to flood for his daughter and son and their friends each winter in the long secondary lot behind the store that comprised their back yard....or "yarden" my friend used to call it when she was a very small girl. haha

Well, I think I will go now and look at some more of the old streets where I used to play when I was a kid.  I am filled with curiousity about the old area and have a yen to take a drive through there next time I go to Calgary.  I have driven all around it during errand trips for my parents in recent years, but haven't come that close to the actual streets I knew as a child.

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