Monday, February 27, 2017

Watching The Oscars

Every year I am drawn to the Academy Awards television broadcast like the proverbial moth to a flame.

I don't know why.

I have rarely seen so much as one of the nominated movies, at this point in time don't even know who 3/4 of the "celebrities" are, and don't give a flying fig about the fashions that seem to grow more ghastly as the years go by.  (This year the women seemed to be evenly split on dressing as pencils or as giant, multicoloured pumpkins and one of the red carpet interviewers was wearing an otherwise lovely dress that was so tight on her it showed off her every dimple, pouch and sag...but I suppose for those who like big butts and they cannot lie, it was a hit.)

The range of acceptance speeches ran the gamut from completely inane to overly emoted, political to confusing to generous....the usual motley crew of oration.

Jimmy Kimmel did a fine job of hosting and was most amusing with his humour.

The stage decoration was quite splendid, one of my favourites ever with the elegant scrolling set design, orchestra pit under the stage and the lovely Oscar statue shaped strands of lighted beading behind the presenters.

I enjoyed seeing Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty and Shirley MacLean, partly because they were three of not more than a dozen and a half celebrities I actually recognized and partly because it is nice, in a nasty sort of way I suppose, to see that even the most talented among the stars tend to eventually show their age like the rest of us peons.

BUT my favourite part of the programme was the bizarre mixup at the end of the evening with the announcement of Best Picture winner that turned out to be incorrect!  What a confusion, what scrambling about, what embarrassment, what disaster for the biggest movie award show in North America.  It was a combination of hilarious and extremely uncomfortable for the at home viewer.  

We will probably never know what really happened, why the fiasco of an incorrect announcement occurred, but for at least two full news days there will be stories in the major headline spot for all media that is NOT about the United States president! 


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