Friday, February 24, 2017

Well...I Won't Do THAT Again!!

Sometimes I am so stupid I surprise even myself!  

I am paying the price for ingesting too much sodium over the past week and have no one but myself to blame.  

It started last Friday night when we went to the home of friends for the most delicious ham dinner I have eaten in years.  I tend to stay away from ham and bacon due to the sodium content, but it has been quite awhile since I had such a delicious meal of ham, so I wasn't very careful about how much I ate.  Oh, and of course I just HAD to have a handful of the cracklings....fried, straight fat!!  I paid the price that night with a very restless sleep, but did I listen to my body and do a proper week of cleansing?  O no, of course not. I am way too stupid these days to do such a wise thing.

The next day I had a sandwich from the leftover ham our friends sent home for us.  The next 2 days after that I had a strip of bacon at lunchtimes because there they were in my refrigerator and they  needed to be used up before they went bad and would have to be wasted by throwing them out.  My husband was intelligent enough to know he shouldn't eat them and he doesn't have nearly the problems with sodium that I do. Sigh....

So that covers Sunday and Monday. Tuesday I ate lunch at the Afghani buffet....fantastic food, total sodium festival.  I felt kind of itchy a couple of hours later, 3 hours after the meal I had a huge anger melt down over nothing, truly nothing worth even a touch of crabbiness, but did my body's clear message mean anything to me? O no, of course not.

Wednesday I was grocery shopping and found some premade salad mix that I love but haven't eaten in many years. So why haven't I been buying it and eating it for such a long time?  There is ground bacon and salty paremsan cheese in the mix, that is why.  Did that stop me from buying it and eating it not only Wednesday night at dinner but also finishing it up on Thursday at noon?  O no, of course not!!

So, my kidneys finally got their message through to me at 3am today when I woke up with itchies from the tops of my knees all the way to my ankles. When I got up at 7am my lips felt kind of funny and sure enough, as I should have guessed would happen had I been using my brain this past week instead of only my tastebuds, the skin on my lips is so sodium burnt that the skin is peeling off them.

Way to go idiot!!!  Honestly...I DO know better than to treat my body this way.  What is wrong with me??? I haven't been feeling rebellious about my dietary restrictions.

I definitely deserve this reaction of physical symptoms, elevated blood pressure and the crabbies.  

I have been drinking water all morning and my lips have stopped peeling, the redness is fading, the itchy legs are not bothering me any more.  I will be drinking plain water all day and all day tomorrow.

Wow....lesson learned...hopefully at least.  I am like my son in that I only get the message when the extreme reaction occurs.  I always wondered when he was a kid why so much drama had to accompany every life lesson...obviously it is a trait he inherited from his mother. 

Well....duh....knowing I have confessed my stupidity and carelessness on a public blog will go a long way to reminding me not to embarrass or hurt myself so badly again with the wrong food intake....well....for awhile anyway..........I am not the brightest candle on the cake.


Susan Erlenbach said...

I shouldn't laugh...
So sorry you're suffering 😣
Sometimes we need to kick against the constraints 😀

Susan said...

Ooooh, go ahead, laugh away. I deserve it! Hahahaha!
I know you get where I am coming from.