Friday, February 17, 2017

What Am Amazing Day!!

It is only the middle of February and today is like the start of the first days of spring!  How disappointing to know it certainly is not spring, the temperatures will be dropping off again after the weekend and there will be plenty more snow to come before winter is actually over.  Drat!!  

For now I am going to continue to enjoy every ray of warm sunshine, every sloppy puddle on the streets that is turning all our vehicles a hideous mud brown from roof to wheel well, the huge puddle I have to try to walk around to get to the car outside that is going to freeze solid and become dangerous for walking on again before long, the sound of geese flying over head all ready!!!

Just now I was outside with a scoop shovel tossing some of the deep water onto the higher piles of snow around my path to the car, but not because it is going to solve the continuing build up of water from those melting piles.  It was to scoop up as many goose turds as I could find along that path, left over from last autumn....o my, there were a LOT of them sitting just under the water, just waiting to adhere to the soles of our boots!  I have to admit that my view of spring's arrival has been sullied somewhat by the remembrance of those damned geese!!!  

My hope is that the surveyor who was here a week or so ago, added onto a somewhat cryptic comment the maintenance man made yesterday, is going to mean that the sagging landscaping between us and the building next to us, the giant dip in the ground where the water builds up in spring and summer and funnels itself into our basement, is going to be replaced with properly built up soil that will channel the water out to the street where it is supposed to be going to get it into the drains along the curb.  If there are landscapers around for most of the spring it will inspire the geese to go elsewhere than right around our building.  Two birds with one stone....or in this case 200 birds with one landscaping project!

I suspect this is a matter of "Dream On Girlie!", for 2 reasons.  Firstly, it will be a shock if any landscaping here is replaced. The fact that every tree in front of our suite is now dead, every last spruce and fir tree dead as a duck, should tell them that the underground sprinkler system is leaking badly and killing the trees. But......I have my doubts. Secondly, it will be an even greater shock if any new landscaping is done properly and achieves the ends for which it is supposed to be designed.  I have lived here long enough now to stop myself from getting too excited about repairs, landscaping and what have you. hahaha

Anyway, it surely did feel wonderful to be outside with a scoop shovel, flailing away at those puddles filled with goose poops and wearing only a shirt and suit jacket to keep warm.  Not a glove, hat, scarf or parka did I have to don to get out and do my poop scooping thing!

It is a glorious day!

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