Thursday, February 9, 2017

What I Appreciate About Good Hotels

I have been thinking about when I can next get to Calgary to check up on my parents. Thoughts of comfy hotels have been floating through my head!

Since I just completed my house cleaning tasks for this week, one of the things I obviously appreciate about hotels is the fact that I am not responsible to clean them!  O what joy to walk out of a hotel after a stay of several days and not have to even think about scrubbing the bathtub or bleaching the sheets, or trying to get the poor quality hotel vacuums to pick up the lint along the baseboards!  YES!  HEAVEN!!

I appreciate having a microwave oven in the room, although that is becoming less popular with hotel staff. No doubt a few accidents have occured when the guests have used them incorrectly and they are a pain to clean out day after day.  If there is no microwave in the room, then I appreciate at least having 24 access to one in the breakfast room.

I appreciate hotels that include some kind of continental or other breakfast in the cost of a night's stay.  Even if many of the food items appear somewhat suspect, (What exactly ARE those rolled up packs of hot goo being touted as scrambled eggs??), at least toast and cereal are standard items so you don't have to spend extra money for breakfast or waste time trying to find a decent restaurant if all you need is a bit of food on your tummy to get the day started.

I appreciate in-room coffee makers that can also produce a great cup of tea because the water is still boiling as it hits the carafe!

I appreciate the hotels that put a fresh cloth beside the sink specifically for taking makeup off one's face so that my facecloth doesn't get covered with mascara and rouge when I am getting ready for bed at night. I am not a fan of discovering black and red streaks on my forehead or along the back of my neck after washing up!

I appreciate the fact that so many hotels now are including a rubber non-skid bath mat so that I can safely shower in the tub without worrying about falling and breaking another hip or ankle.  Sitting down in the tub to bathe is very uncomfortable, washing my hair by kneeling and forcing my head under the taps is nearly impossible at this point, plus when I stand up again the fear of falling is always present until both feet are safely out of the tub and flat on the linoleum again.

I appreciate having tall Queen sized beds with a minimum of 4 pillows of varying firmness to choose from.  This seems to be becoming standard even in the less expensive venues and I just love it!

I appreciate having tv screens of at least 40 inches in size right across from where I am lying happily on the bed with 2 firm pillows behind my back and a softer one behind my head!

I appreciate being able to put a sign on the door, or being able to press a coloured button to let the cleaning staff know I am not ready to be disturbed when they begin their morning round of cleaning.

I appreciate staying in a hotel whenever I get the chance to.  For me, just being in that room instead of my own bedroom at home means it is a holiday...even if it really isn't!

Thank you God for good hotels!!



Anonymous said...

The only hotel we have stayed at in the last 30 odd years is a Best Western Plus. Great place, they treated us so well. The breakfast was really good; scrambled eggs yes, but obviously done from scratch just before the tray was brought out. Having a 'suite' was a new thing for me; certainly no going back to a room only after that.

Chris e. said...

Apparently my name is actually Anonymous. Is this some cruel joke my parents played on me? I must check my birth certificate.