Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Winter? Spring? ????

The weather can't decide if it is returning to winter mode or fast forwarding toward spring.  It has definitely cooled off the past couple of days and we have had a little bit of snow...again the large, dry, shiny flakes that look like soap flake snow from a movie set and that are wickedly slippery when laying atop patches of ice.  I am so grateful I could shovel a bit of sand from the rental company's pile for the parking lots and cover the worst of the frozen lake that covers the lawn part way to where our car is parked.  Last night we had an over night low of -18C and the car gave a bit of a growl this morning when I started it after not plugging it in overnight.  Both the last couple of days have been windy and grey until about 4pm, when the sun has finally started shining out through the clouds and the temperature has taken a late afternoon rise.  Fortunately the general trend starting tomorrow is toward more warmth...although that will also result in more snowfall.

Had a sluggish day today for some reason.  I felt just fine, but had no motivation to do anything important or particularly necessary. I suspect it was due to my blood pressure being a bit low this morning.  When I tested it mid morning it was only 83/64, although that is not particularly low for me. My husband phoned me just after he left for work after breakfast to let me know there is a water main break at the entrance to the parking lot just across the street from our own.  I hurried to shower, didn't bother to wash my hair, just in case the city came to fix it right away and shut off the water to the area for the day.  I needn't have bothered as it turned out.  All that happened is that our own maintenance staff evacuated the other parking lot and parked one of their tractors across the entrance to keep the cars out.  The water has continued to gush out of the ground and run down the street the entire day. By the time the city arrives tomorrow it will have been well over 24 hours since the break occurred. I am trying not to imagine how much thick ice there is going to be on that street tomorrow.  I do want to go out after lunch, so hopefully the city machinery will not end up cutting off the exit to our lot as well as the one closer to the break.

My morning was busy running all the errands I had originally planned for this afternoon, just in case there was a problem getting in and out of here, so that was just fine, but then I felt so unmotivated. spent 90 minutes rehearsing choir music, had a long nap this afternoon and generally wasted the rest of the day.  I managed to haul myself upright long enough to cook a decent salmon dinner, then sat around on the sofa with my exhausted husband watching tv all evening. Suddenly the day is over and it is time for bed.

Tomorrow I want to attend the Ash Wednesday service after lunch at our church. It is such a wonderful way to usher in the church season of Lent.  I want to spend another hour or so rehearsing the choir music.  If I can't get out after all to go to church I want, at the very least, to do some laundry.  An actual nap day is just fine...a couple of times a year....but I don't want to waste another day like I wasted today.  It makes me feel blah and agitated and miserable.

It wasn't a bad day, just not as motivated and active as I had hoped, although I was able to do a good 40 minutes of exercise after lunch before my nap and another 40 minutes after dinner tonight. That is worth something at least.

Here's to a more motivated and accomplished day tomorrow!

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