Thursday, February 23, 2017

Wonderful News From the Son!

We are very happy for our son today.  He just got word that he may have a job lined up in NYC when he is done teaching this term.  Hopefully that will work out well.  He would be working with some of his American college friends and they are an awesome group of people.  If this job doesn't work out in the end, at least his name is out there now and people there know he is looking for a position.

The other good news is that Vancouver Art Gallery has just purchased one of his paintings to add to their permanent collection, so he is thrilled to have some "seed money" for his trip south this spring.  A few thousand dollars will certainly assist him in getting set up there.

The story of financial provision from the Lord for our family seems to be continuing through our son.  I am not convinced God's intervention took the form of getting a gallery to purchase a painting so much as I see his intervention in the timing of the transaction. It speaks to me so strongly of God's involvement, his encouragement, his leading and his merciful love.

Thank you son for the great news!

AND thank you as well for the painting you are sending to us!  WOW!!

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