Saturday, March 11, 2017

75 Minutes To Go!

Aaaaaaaargh!!! Why are the hours passing so slowly?

I have been exercising and watching amazing programmes on BBC Earth channel all about deserts, spook lights in Missouri, and the discovery of the platypus by foreign explorers.

And yet, it seems like my husband will never get back here! Aaaaaaaaargh! At least the bitterly cold weather is holding off the snow and storms for the moment. He should have good roads.

I cannot figure out why I am so anxious to see him, to be honest. He will stagger into the suite completely exhausted, red eyed and pale, greet me briefly and stumble off to bed. I will be up, dressed and driving off to church in the morning before he lifts his head from the pillow. We won't really have a chance to chat until lunchtime tomorrow when I get home after service.

However, I am still antsy to see him.

Okay, 60 minutes to go......sigh......

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