Thursday, March 2, 2017

A Bit of Home Improvement

This morning, after my shower, I got to noticing how dismal and mouldy the shower curtain lining and the bathmat were getting to be.  The outer curtain wasn't bad, other than a couple of small tears where I pulled on it one day when I lost my balance getting out of the tub, but I never did like it.

Spur of the moment decision: head out to the shopping mall and replace all three items if possible.  AND why not replace my ancient bed pillow and 2 of the ugliest lampshades known to man that have been adorning my living room lamps for too many years??!!?  The poor pillow is actually split right in half from me bending it over for years to make a firm enough pillow for my neck.

A grey, dismal, chilly, snow flurry kind of day like today can definitely be made more cheery by a shopping trip!  I was on the road before 10am!

Oooh what fun I had!  Sales galore on items that weren't that expensive to start with.  The 2 old cream lampshades (I think they were cream once....) have been replaced with similar shades in bright, happy white.  My wretched old bed pillow has been replaced with a clean, firm, comfy one.  There is a new shower liner in the bathroom covered by a beautiful blue toned curtain that looks rather like one of my son's circle paintings, but somewhat deconstructed. The bathmat is a match for one of the light blue shades in the curtain.

After my little spree I headed over to another mall hoping that the Canadian Tire would still have some weights similar to the ones I purchased there a month ago.  My husband wants a couple of 10 pound weights to put into his hiking pack to start training for spring hiking and summer canoeing without having to load half the stuff in the basement to get the 50 pounds of weight he wants in the pack.  This will give him a 20 pound start.  Good old Canadian Tire...success again.  I hate shopping there because it is such a mish mash of excellent product and junk, scattered about on shelves and in sale bins all over the place, BUT I so often find just what I am looking for....eventually!  I did find the very weights myhusband wanted, yay!

As I walked by another store on the way back to the car, I ran into a good friend from church. She just returned last night from 2 weeks in Mexico and wow, what a great tan she has!  It was fun running into someone I actually know in this city.  It is a rare occurrence and I enjoyed our visit very much.  She told me about the fun she had in Mexico entertaining her 2 grandchildren who were there with her.  

As I was leaving the mall after our visit I realized I was feeling quite faint.  I checked my watch and no wonder!  It had been a full 6 hours since breakfast.  Fortunately I was parked right beside a Swiss Chalet restaurant, so I whipped in there for their chain's huge grilled chicken caesar salad.  The combination of protein and carbs got me feeling so much better and I enjoyed a drive to my local grocery store afterward, watching huge fluffy snowflakes coming down.

Wracked up a tremendous number of PC points on my few items from the grocery store, then drove home to shovel a bit of sand from the parking lot pile onto the icy strip that formed over top of the "lake" that formed at the bottom of our lawn when the first snows melted a couple of weeks ago during a week of unseasonal warmth.  

A huge blue garbage bin was delivered and set up right beside our parking space while I was away. I am speculating that one of the suites near us is going to be restored to some kind of glory with new flooring and appliances very soon.  Haven't seen anyone moving out of any of our court's buildings though.  How I desperately wish it was our unit being redone!!  My husband and I would GLADLY move every last item into storage for a month if we could bring it back to new flooring and a re-pour of the leaking basement!!!  Well, if restoring a suite is the purpose of delivering that big bin then it will be fun to watch the "goings on" as the days progress.

Heard from my dental office today.  They have reviewed the offer of coverage from our dental insurance policy. We have chosen which of the 6 needed crowns the dentist will start with first.  April 3rd is the day to get started.  I am hoping to do 2 of the 6 crowns I need this year.  If I wait until October for the second one I should have enough saved up to pay for it myself,  since I only have enough coverage left for this year on my husband's dental plan to cover their 50% contribution for the April appointment.  I need to wait on a second crown in case any other teeth break before the end of the year and need me to spend my savings on that problem instead.  I want to be sure all 6 are done before my husband retires and we are no longer covered at all with any form of dental insurance.

Time to go and do my daily music practise.  Apparently we are concentrating our efforts this coming rehearsal on 4 of the full choir songs and the 2 ladies' ditties.  Should be fun....think I will rehearse the other songs anyway, just so I am ready for next week!

Oooh, oooh,  a bit of sun is peeking out from behind the clouds. Watching the snow coming down with sunshine for a backdrop has always been quite fascinating to very beautiful!


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