Monday, March 6, 2017

A "FINAL" ???? True Winter Blizzard

Today we are having the kind of prairie end of winter storm that I kind of enjoy.  Yes, it will be extremely inconvenient and annoying once the blowing snow piles up to its predicted 15-20cm, the return to deep cold for another week or more is discouraging after such lovely weather over the past couple of weeks and our power bill will be through the roof again with another week of plugging in the car's block heater, BUT oh my...when those 50km winds are blowing the snow flakes in a completely horizontal pattern, the buildings across the road are disappearing from sight in a whiteout haze and the trees are bending low to the ground, it is an amazing sight.

My husband has today and tomorrow off work after 6 long days of meetings and winter travels. Talk about perfect timing for him to have 2 days in a row where he doesn't need to go out of the house.  As if he needed any more excuses to relax at home, the storm has certainly given him a perfect one.

So, I have wasted the entire morning doing nothing.  It is just after noon and my clothes are finally on my body, I am looking at what to have for lunch and then I am going to get a great deal of laundry done.  My goodness I have been going through clothes in a dreadful hurry the past 10 days!  The mud and muck outside when it was so warm and melty got stuck regularly on the hems and cuffs of my pant legs, so one wearing and each pair was ready to be washed again.  I spilled more food on my shirts this past week than I have in the last couple of months....well, more ironing to do to keep me on my feet after a meal! is all good!

Just had a nice chat with our family member who is awaiting  biopsy results after surgery 2 weeks ago....coping with the stress far better than I would be, that is for sure and grateful to Netflix for providing some mindless entertainment for distraction. Results should be ready in another week..thanks again for the many prayers!

Off to get lunch and get some work done.  I love laundry days as I can jog up and down 2 flights of stairs so much more easily than I could 6 months ago!  YAY!!

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