Wednesday, March 1, 2017

A Little Slow On The Uptake Here

As I finished writing the previous post, a dim light began to flicker in my brain.  Then the light came fully on: if the water main break is going to be fixed today and judging by the amount of city truck traffic visible at the entrance to our parking lot it is going to be, then there is every chance the people in OUR lot will not be able to get our cars out once the digging begins.  Well duh.......

I looked outside and realized that only 3 cars, including mine, were still parked in the lot.  I raced around putting on boots and parka and headed out to move it.  Although the overnight temperature was hovering around -20C and we had not plugged the car in, with a bit of an unhappy rumble, it did spring to life for me.  As I drove out of the lot, the "ROAD CLOSED" signs were just going up at either end of the block.  According to the backhoe operator I was the last one allowed to leave and drive down the street before the excavation begins. He was certainly determined to make certain I knew that.  Whew!  Thank you Lord for the nudge to get a move on!  I found a good space only half a block from home, on a quiet side street, a nice place to park where I can see the car from our back door.

Guess this means I have made a committment to myself to attend the Ash Wednesday service at church this afternoon.  I have been wanting to go, but when it is this cold it is so easy to talk myself out of going after all.  I can drop my latest insurance information off afterward at the dental office as it is near the church and get appointments for a new crown underway.

Yup, just one more reason to be grateful!  My husband will be able to use the car for work tomorrow if he needs to and we will not be stranded because I was too dumb to figure out that I needed to move the car.  

Slowly I am learning to read the cues around this piece of property: when pretty much every other car in the lot is gone, something is up. Move the car first, find out why later!

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