Wednesday, March 22, 2017

A ME Day Today!

In a few minutes I am going to catch the bus downtown to do some shopping with some anniversary money that came in today's mail.  My half is going on 2 or 3 of the 3/4 sleeve sweaters that match some sleeveless summer tops I got a couple of weeks ago at Cleo's.  The sweater stock for those tops had not yet arrived at the time.  How nice that I will be able to match up the colours appropriately by purchasing the sweaters at the same store.  Light summer sweaters made of cotton and rayon are so perfect to cover the floppy, elderly, upper arms that the sleeveless tops on their own leave exposed to public sight...and ridicule! haha  Aaaah, to be old.......hahaha.

Tonight is a very exciting time for us, me in particular: we are going to a house concert at my husband's cousin's home.  The singer/songwriter is the wonderful Welshman, Martyn Joseph, whose politically left leaning commentary is always interesting to hear both in his speech and music.  He has nailed a few of the world's political problems on the head and is very good at bringing attention to the issues and some possible solutions, through his songs and stories.  Cousin met him at a big festival in Ontario this past summer and was able to talk him into including this house concert on his Canadian tour this winter.  YIPPEE!

I think it is going to be a good day today despite overcast skies and wind going on outside.  At least no snow or rain are forecast here today........yet.........

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