Friday, March 24, 2017

A Wonderful Spring Day of Celebration!

Today my husband's office cronies threw him a surprise party at Golf's Steak House over the lunch break in honour of his 65th.  What fun!  He certainly was completely surprised. hahaha  He always goes into kind of a stunned state when people surprise him, particularly in public places, but he recovered well, opened his many gifts with appropriate comments and jokes, enjoyed his magnificent roast beef luncheon and was generally pretty pleased by all the attention.  The staff gifts were hilarious:  a magnifying glass and some Superman logo bandaids to celebrate his pensioner status, a bobble head doll that looks like my hippie husband looked like in the '60's, with the idea that when he is able to grant requests around the Diocese he will set the doll's head a' bobbing!  Then there is the rottweiler shaped clock to be used when he has to lay down the law around the Diocese! hahaha  He was given a lovely large tea mug and strainer to use at the office so he doesn't have to keep dragging his insulated mugs back and forth from the house every morning, a cool flashlight arrangement he can use when he is walking back and forth to work through the back alleys in the dark, 2 blocks of his favourite cheeses and wonderful crackers he loves to eat to go with them, as well as a lovely bottle of Argentinian merlot.  The Bishop gave him a gift certificate for Fresh Air Experience so he can purchase another canoe bag for this summer's upcoming trip.  He received hilarious cards and notes as well.  I am SO happy for this acknowledgement from his colleagues.  May they be blessed beyond measure!

The day started off well too.  Friends from Alberta travelling through on their way to Winnipeg stopped in for a long breakfast visit.  My husband was able to take a couple of hours off work to join in the fun.  What a great time we had catching up on their lives, and getting their news about other old friends.

Since my husband stayed home with these dear friends until the last possible second before he absolutely HAD to be at work, he tore off to the office in our vehicle, not knowing of course that I would have to find an alternate way of getting to his surprise luncheon.  haha  The good news is that he was in so much of a hurry he didn't realize I hadn't sent any lunch with him. haha

I added up the number of blocks from our place to the restaurant and decided it was a pleasant enough day temperature-wise to walk up there and back:  my first walk outside since the snow fell last autumn.  It was +3C when I walked to the restaurant and +7C by the time I returned home.  Although the breeze was chilly, it was still a perfect day for a stroll.  I stuck to the main thoroughfares to avoid any sidewalk ice still lingering under the big trees on the side streets.  That first spring walk leaves me with an intense feeling of freedom each year.  It was FANTASTIC to be outside, strutting along unburdened by a heavy parka and boots.  My spring rain coat and walking shoes were sufficient today.  What a relief!  There will be more spring snow and ice storms over the month of April, no doubt, but today gave me a good taste of what it is going to be like to be able to wander about in the fresh air once again.

Bonus: my aching leg and hip muscles that nearly drove me crazy when walking last summer and autumn were able to heal more deeply over my relatively inactive winter and today I experienced NO pain, NO aches and NO discomfort during my 1hour walk.  Last October, even on my final walkabout of the year, after a spring and summer of building my muscle strength to the point where I could walk for 3 to 7km with only a short rest half way along the route, every step was painful from the time I left home to the time I returned, limping and crabby from the constant ache.  Today, it was almost like I hadn't fallen and broken my hip.  YIPPEE!

The only disappointment today is that the movie my friend and I planned to see tonight had its last run yesterday. BUT it is returning to Regina in a few weeks' time to another theater, so we will see it then.  The good part of not going is that I get to spend some extra time with my husband. He will be gone most of next week to a conference, so I am making the most of our time together between now and then.  

Thank you Lord for a truly happy day!

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