Tuesday, March 7, 2017

And On It Goes....

Our suite continues to rattle in the 80km winds and ever larger sheets of snow are blowing past, higher and higher in the air. The highways must be an absolute nightmare and I pray for those who have to drive out of the city today.  It is a good thing we have lots to do inside this place as we feel most reluctant for the second day in a row to attempt to venture outside for anything unnecessary.  At least the sky is somewhat brighter than yesterday and that mitigates the feeling of being housebound and "stuck".

Perhaps we will venture forth after lunch as far as the garbage bins 100 feet from our back door. It will require wearing all our winter gear, "penguin suits", just for that short walk through the drifts and across the exposed ice beside them.  Fortunately it won't be any more difficult to clear the snow away from our back door today than it was yesterday.  The wind is preventing much of the new snow from landing and sticking in one place. Only the tops of the old drifts are high enough to catch any of the new flakes and retain them.

As I said before, I don't mind the storm.  It is quite interesting to watch as it unfolds.  However...the deep freeze temperatures in March are NOT appreciated!  We have at least another 10 days of those apparently.  Brrrrrr.......

I feel badly for people living in BC's lower mainland who continue to receive dump after dump of fresh snow.  The driving conditions are terrible for folk without proper winter tires and without proper snow and ice removal equipment in their communities.  It must be most frustrating as it continues to happen over and over again.  

Yesterday our son took his university students to the VAG and I can imagine some of them would struggle to dress properly for the conditions.  He has quite a few Asian students this time who are experiencing their first winter in Vancouver...not at all what they were led to expect before they arrived last autumn.  

Our son has introduced them all to some thrift stores so they can stock up on inexpensive winter wear.  They have been so successful in finding it that I wonder if a lot of prairie people moved to Vancouver over the past year and assumed it was safe to get rid of their own gear as this amount of snow is so unusual for that area.  hahahahaha  

My grandparents moved from Calgary AB to Chilliwack BC the summer I was 10 years old and I remember Pop telling us proudly that he had shovelled his last shovelful of snow.  hahaha  The next winter Chilliwack had the largest accummulation of snowfall they had experienced in 50 years. Poor Pop....we had to send his old shovel out to him on the Greyhound bus. hahahahaha

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