Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Back in the Fog...Beautiful!

The fog rolled back in this evening and brought a bit of misty rain with it as well.  By the morning there will be a coating of frozen mist all over everything.  I am glad I did my bit of grocery shopping this afternoon and that my hair appointment tomorrow isn't until after lunch.  That should be late enough in the day to allow the frozen mist to be melted off and leave the sidewalks less slippery for my walk to and from the bus.

Tonight I rented "Manchester By the Sea".  I enjoyed it.  Casey Affleck did such a great job of playing a very difficult character.  It is a slow movie, but in this case the story and characters call for it.  The long shots, scenic interludes and slow action are all part of the mood of the film.  It was a wonderful way to pass an otherwise boring evening alone.

Speaking of "alone", I am surely enjoying text messaging these days.  My husband and I have been able to be in touch this evening quite regularly, getting caught up on each other's day.  Something as now commonplace as texting is still a rather big deal to us because for several decades when he was working away from home it wasn't always convenient to telephone each other, or even access emails from some of his job sites, so we often went for a week or more at a time with no contact whatsoever.  The first few times he was in Japan we experienced no contact for a month or more at a time, more than once.  We became so used to not being in touch with each other for days or weeks in a row that even now we both have little patience with couples who have to be texting and emailing and calling each other every hour of the day when they are apart.  hahaha  That would have driven and still would drive both of us completely crazy.  A person needs some space in our opinion, even from a spouse!

I am about to start a new novel:  "A Glastonbury Romance" by John Cowper Smith, first published in 1932. As usual I am likely the last person in the country to read this popular historical novel. haha  Looking forward to it as it is a very long book and so will occupy my time for quite awhile.

Since it is nearly 11pm...again...where did the day go after all????...I am going to hop into bed and get started on reading this epic novel.

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