Thursday, March 30, 2017

Books To Go!

I had some banking to do earlier this morning. When I was done and about to leave the bank I noticed they had a table of used books and a collection box for United Way. The idea was to choose a few books and donate one dollar per book to the charity.  I picked up four books, made my donation, returned home after completing the rest of my errands, went upstairs and saw my own small stack of previously read books sitting forlornly and annoyingly on the floor beside my bed.  

Hmmmm.....part of the reason they have been sitting there for weeks is because I haven't had any idea where to donate them.  I could take them to the one cramped, disorganized, second hand book store I am aware of here, but don't feel like opening yet another used book account and feeling obligated then to spend hours in the store attempting to find a book or two as I search through the stacks and piles and shelves.  So, I decided to bag my used books up and take them to the bank sale.  

It felt good to make the donation, helping myself out of course in my desire to have an uncluttered bedroom, but also hopefully helping out the United Way with a few dollars if anyone buys the books.

Since it was lunchtime at that point and there is a Swiss Chalet across the parking lot from the bank, it made sense to me to stop in for a grilled chicken caesar salad.  Does it not make perfect sense to you as well?  I mean, the building was RIGHT there after all and it WAS lunchtime and I WAS hungry...1+1+1=3 right?  teehee

Now I am home for the afternoon, waiting for my husband to return from conference by dinnertime tonight, deciding that I am not going to strain myself cleaning house before he arrives. That will be a good project for tomorrow and Saturday afternoon when he is at work and I have nothing to do other than a sectionals rehearsal at choir Saturday morning.

It has been a productive day.  There was some rain this morning, just enough to cover my car with muck again, o well, but now the rain has cleared off and the sun is shining.  Lovely!  

I love the beginning of much hope comes along with the melting of the snow and ice and the formation of new buds on the tree branches. Every year the arrival of spring gives me the feeling that any and all good things are possible!!  They are too, are they not??

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