Saturday, March 11, 2017

Congratulations My Friend!

For some reason time is hanging heavy on my hands today, as I wait for the hours to pass until my husband gets home from his out of town ministry late tonight.

I don't know why today feels like it is dragging so badly.  I had a lot of fun this morning at a sectionals choir rehearsal for the women, including a really nice visit with the friend who drove me there and back.  It certainly made for a fun morning that went by in a flash.  

I enjoyed my lunch.  I had a long, happy phone visit with a good friend from Moose Jaw.  I rehearsed my part for a song I am singing with 2 other friends during Communion at church tomorrow. Then I had a shower and washed my hair.  On the one hand I can't believe it is all ready 5pm, but on the other it seems to have taken an awfully long time to get to this hour of the day and it could be another 6 hours before my husband gets home.  Blaaaah!

So, for the past half hour or so I have been thinking of and praying for my friend who is being ordained tomorrow in a denomination that is not known for ordaining all that many women.  I am so very proud of my friend.  Her journey to ordination in middle age has not been easy....heck, her entire life has not been easy!  She has suffered through and endured some horrendous abuse, health issues and many near disasters that would have left a lesser woman so demoralized she would have given up trying to accomplish anything in life apart from just pushing one foot in front of the other, waiting for each day to end.  My friend has experienced times when she did feel exactly that way, but her faith in God and her determination to live life pulled her through every time.

Congratulations my friend.  Your ordination is no small accomplishment and you have been through hell to get to this point in your life.  I am SO proud of you!

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