Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Don't Mind Me...I'm Only the Pedestrian WITH THE RIGHT OF WAY!!!!!!

Enjoyed a very successful sweater shopping excursion this morning...thank you Mom and Dad.  I stopped long enough for a shawarma chicken salad at Zam Zam Wraps, probably the tastiest, most generally nutritious lunch in the city, and caught my bus right when I wanted to come home.  Perfect!

The bus stop across from our place is right beside the 6 lane intersection I have to cross to get to our building.  There is also a curve in the road there, so pedestrians have to be extra careful despite it being a well marked crosswalk.

My being so careful likely saved my life today!  There was no one coming from the north in any of the 3 lanes so I knew I could make it safely across that side of the intersection.  All 3 lanes had traffic coming from the opposite direction, but they were far enough away that I could get started across and be easily seen by the oncoming cars.

Sure enough, about the time I reached the middle of the intersection, 2 of the 3 lanes had indeed stopped for me and for a lady crossing on the other side of the intersection.  Unfortunately a man in his pre-middle aged years decided he didn't need to bother stopping for the pedestrians, even though he was looking to see why the cars in the 2 lanes beside him were stopping, looked back in front of himself and saw me about to cross his lane, but did that mean he made even the most hesitant of attempts to stop?  No!  It most certainly did not!!

He didn't slow down even a fraction, just continued to drive through the intersection, passing approximately 3 feet in front of me, doing a minimum of 50km, looking at me quizzically as he sped past.  If I had not noticed him looking at the stopped cars as I was approaching his lane, nor noticed his rate of speed indicating he had no intention of stopping, I would have been struck and most likely killed.  If the roof of his car had been any lower to the ground I may not have seen him at all until it was too late. I think the height of his car is what prevented the accident due to its visibility from street level. Somehow he also missed hitting the woman on the other side of the intersection as well. 

I have been back in my home for about 10 minutes now and am still shaking.  I have been hit by one car going illegally through an intersection once in my life all ready, am still dealing with the consequences of those injuries over 40 years later and have no interest in attempting that sort of event ever again!

Well, it is still a great day.  I am going to do my ironing from yesterday's laundry.  I am going to pray my husband has a safe trip to Davidson and back this afternoon and I am going to look forward to tonight's concert.

Thank you everyone for allowing me to debrief here on the blog!  I am starting to feel better just for being able to write down what almost happened to me today as I was crossing the street. Whew...thank you Lord for protecting both myself and my crossing buddy!

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Susan Erlenbach said...

So happy you are safe!! Amazing how oblivious some people are. I've come very close as well to getting hit. Only my vigilance saved me.