Friday, March 10, 2017

Flavour Fave

I love making ground turkey patties!  I love mixing the ground turkey with a fresh egg, Greek herb mix from Calgary's Silk Road venue, a decent splash of fresh lemon juice and a squoosh of cheap French's yellow mustard. Grilled up on a pretzel bun and garnished with tomatoes, lettuce, sweet peppers and avocado they are most delicious!  Tonight I tried "buttering" the bun with a couple of teaspoons of PC's Morroccan hummus dip.  O newest addiction I am guessing!  DELIGHTFUL!  And oh so simple to create!

2 tbsp. of the dip is only 4 grams of carb as compared to 7 grams for the single serving plain PC hummus. Much lower in fat as well and I surely do not need even 1 tbsp. spread on a pretzel bun.  Barely adds to the overall carb count! YAY!!

A small handful of Beanfield's baked bean chips, up to 28 grams at most, for a bit of crunch on the side...FABULOUS!!

For a break from the hummus I can mash up 1/6 of an avocado with a tsp. of low fat Hellman's Mayonnaise and spread that on the bun instead.

I have learned to get to SaveOn Foods before 9am on a Friday morning. Usually there are a few bags of pretzel buns left on a bottom shelf in the bakery.  They are being labelled properly now on the nutritional value label after being rather lacking in information for several years.  I know I can eat a whole bun as it has 24 grams of carb...almost 2 diabetic units, but I can throw in 4 or 5 PC lemon or cocoa drop biscuits to round it up to 30grams on days when I may feel particularly hungry or know I can get away with a treat.

 Oooh, can't wait to finish up the rest of the turkey for my dinner tomorrow!

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