Friday, March 3, 2017

If You Get A Chance To Read.....

....and you enjoy short stories, I recommend William Trevor's "Family Sins &Other Stories".  Trevor is Irish, born in County Cork in 1928 and his stories are as Irish as Irish can be, so I find them delightful.  He has captured essential human nature in his characters of all ages, our foibles and sins and goodness.

My favourite story in the book is "Coffee With Oliver".  A life long con man meets up with his daughter in Italy after not seeing her for many years.  Although he is convinced he still cares deeply for her, this old leopard cannot change his spots and at the end has conned in a small way even his beloved daughter.  Sadly, Oliver is a most realistically depicted character.  I really enjoyed this story.  

All Trevor's stories make a person think about herself and wonder how she would react if she found herself in the circumstances the book characters find themselves in.  Would she behave any better, any worse?  All the stories beg for personal introspection and even personal interrogation.  

Family Sins & Other Stories
William Trevor
Lester & Orpen Dennys Ltd., 1990

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