Monday, March 27, 2017

In a Fog....As Usual!

I woke up this morning with a foggy head from lack of sleep and to a foggy morning outside.  The fog was so thick early in the morning I couldn't see the large building across the street when I first got out of bed.  Colliding weather systems seem to have ushered in cooler rather than warmer temperatures today.

Had kind of a rotten sleep last night.  I knew I had to wake up rather earlier than usual to be ready to go to the lab for my 6 months lab work up and for some reason I couldn't seem to stay asleep much even though the alarm was set for the correct time.  O well...the good news for me was that I was at the lab and in line for opening suffiently early as to find myself in the third spot!  It was worth a 20 minute wait outside in the dark until they opened.  The 3 of us standing there were eventually joined by 9 others.  I wish I could always go on Mondays because the lineups on Monday morning are the shortest of the week.  I have to get lab work done according to the date, not the day of the week.  Rats!!

The lab opens at 7am and I was home stuffing my face with breakfast by 7:30am after my 14 hour fast.  The fog wasn't fun to drive through, but my route to the lab is a good one on major roadways with good streetlights.  

After unloading my husband and all his overnight gear at work at 9am I filled the car with gasoline and went back home to get a little more spruced up for my lunch appointment in Moose Jaw.  What an interesting drive it was!!  The fog was rather thick between Regina and the half way point at the wee hamlet of Pense, but I could see the distance of 3 utility poles ahead of me, so other than a couple of fog obscured major crossroads with no overpasses, there weren't a lot of extra danger spots. However, the fog continued to thicken between Pense and Belle Plaine and by the time I cleared Belle Plaine for the last few kilometers into Moose Jaw I couldn't see the distance of even 1 utility pole ahead.  Thankful it was day and not night, when the added blackness would have made driving nearly impossible for me, I ploughed on through the nearly pea souper!

Fortunately Moose Jaw is located in a valley below the highway and the fog remained higher in the air.  Once in Moose Jaw there was little fog, just a sky filled with ugly grey clouds.  I was able to make both my deliveries before picking up my friend for a fun time at lunch.  We went to Montana's because my friend enjoys their lunch sized macaroni and cheese and caesar salad.  I opted for a large caesar salad and it was rather tasty.  We had a good visit over lunch, followed by a trip to the Dollar Store, then some "singin' in the shower" crooning while cruising through the downtown before I took her back home and returned to Regina.

By the time I was back on the highway most of the fog had lifted and by the time I reached Regina the sun was starting to shine.  The sky was more clear and sunny by 5pm than it had been all day.  It continued that way until sunset.

I am just "bagged" this evening.  The lack of sleep so close on the heels of all the celebration on the weekend, plus driving through the fog outside that was paralleling the fog in my sleep deprived brain exhausted me!  Tomorrow I think I will confine my activities to a short walk to the grocery store for some milk, possibly some laundry for myself and my usual post prandial weight lifting, jogging and marching on the spot.  

Another good day today......unbelievable to have so many wonderful days in a row.  How blessed am I, right? Thank you Lord! I hope my husband's time at the clergy retreat will be as blessed also!

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