Sunday, March 26, 2017

It Was Great While It Lasted! Yeah!!

The fun weekend of celebration continued through today.  My husband was actually awake in time to come to church with me this morning and it was a particularly good service.  He was feeling well enough to stay for coffee and visiting afterward so that was a treat for me too.

We ate a light lunch at home and then I headed off to choir practise.  Today's rehearsal certainly highlighted our faults and difficulties, so hopefully some of us, me included, will spend a bit more time rehearsing at home this week!!

I arrived home in plenty of time to get cleaned up and spruced up and ready for our dinner at Memories.  It was delicious!  We knew from our last visit there that the portions are a good size for the price, so we skipped the appetizers and knew all ready there would be no tummy room left for dessert.  We both ordered chicken dishes:  mine was the corfu, a phylo pastry wrapped chicken breast that had a most tasty sauce and my husband had a half chicken roasted in Greek herbs and lemon juice.  There is no skimping on meat portions in this restaurant...yum!  Both meals were accompanied by perfectly cooked baby potatoes and a vegetable medley of broccoli, zucchini, red peppers and pea pods.  I cleaned up the balsamic vinegar decorating my plate and that gave a nice little kick to the corfu sauce and zucchini.

When we arrived home we got a few things ready for my husband to leave for clergy retreat tomorrow. He concentrated on packing up his special snacks and tea selection and I ironed a few items of his clergy clothing I should have ironed yesterday but forgot about. (oops)

We relaxed watching a gruesome but quirky movie: The Legend of Barney Thomson, based on a novel of similar name.  The Scottish accents were so thick we had to replay several scenes to be certain we heard the script properly, but the acting was superb.  The movie is, as I mentioned, built around a gruesome subject, but it was one of the silliest and most hilarious movies I have seen in a long time.  Emma Thompson was stellar as a crazed woman in her 70's and Robert Carlyle was hysterical in the title role.  It reminded me of a more hilarious and British version of movies similar to Pulp Fiction.

So, now it is back to the reality of post-celebration daily life.  Ho hum..... BUT tomorrow after I drop my husband off at work I get to meet a friend in Moose Jaw for lunch.  I have a couple of items I need to deliver to some friends there so will drop those off while I am in town....2 loaves of diet bread to one friend who enjoys it as much as I do. She is the recipient of the loaves I recently purchased at about the time I realized that I have developed a definite sensitivity to oats and this bread's second listed ingredient is oat hull fibre.  Sigh.....I LOVE that bread, but I can't eat it any more.  The other item is a Martyn Joseph CD I bought at the house concert the other night. Turns out my husband and I were both thinking of one set of Moose Jaw friends in particular as the concert was going on so it seemed appropriate to get one of the CD's for them.  The musical artists we listen to on their CD player are of the same ilk and I think they will enjoy listening to Mr. Joseph.  Neither delivery actually requires an immediate trip to Moose Jaw, but it is a chance to do something fun in the newly nice weather to take the edge off the disappointment that my husband has to be away again at a conference.

I think the rest of the week is going to be pretty quiet....I have a hair appointment midweek......... BUT toward the end of the week we are going to a surprise birthday dinner for a friend who has never had a surprise party before.  We have seen the menu for the dinner and are not sure our motives for attending are purely for the sake of our friend!!  WOW...again with the wonderful meal we don't have to prepare or clean up afterward!  teehee There WILL be wine!

Well, I have a big swack of fasting lab tests in the morning so better get to bed and try to sleep away the invented feeling of desperate hunger that assails me every time I have to fast for 12 or 13 hours....just as I do every other night of my life since I stopped having evening snacks anyway. hahaha O how a person's mind plays tricks on them when the choice to fast overnight is not her own....hahaha.

It has been a wonderful week of family and other company, great meals, celebrations and spending time with my husband. I am so grateful for it all.

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