Sunday, March 5, 2017

My Husband Is Most Appreciative......

....of your prayers for him this morning!  The hair raising portion of his journey out of town was not as long a distance as he was prepared for, so he arrived at his desination in tact and even on time despite some slow driving in spots.
Thank you!! The morning ice and snow on the highway should be melted off completely for his journey home later this afternoon.

I enjoyed our church service very much this morning.  The sermon was presented by our diocesan childrens' missioner.  She presented her talk right from our lectionary readings this morning, comparing Adam's handling of obedience to God when he was tempted in the Garden of Eden to Jesus' time of temptation to be disobedient to God during his time alone in the wilderness.  The 2 men handled temptation very differently.  I enjoyed hearing her take on an old story.  She presented the story of salvation then in the way she presents it to the kids and teens she works with and it was so clear and easy for all of us to understand.  Our missioner is Australian and has that lovely accent to go along with her enthusiasm and overt personality. She is SUCH fun!

So now it is off to choir rehearsal.  I have been blessed with people being so cheery about giving me rides today and other weekends when my husband is away.  When I remember another place...or two....or three...where I was completely and always on my own for transportation even after years of living, I feel incredibly blessed to be surrounded by friends and even mere aquaintances who are simply generous to me.  I don't deserve it, but I am certainly enjoying it!!  

Well, off to sing a few of the more difficult musical phrases in one of our songs before I head off to group rehearsal.  The bright sunshine and warm temperatures our city is experiencing this afternoon before the next snow and ice fest begins overnight, makes me want to sing "loud and long"!

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