Friday, March 3, 2017

My Poor Stressed Out Parents...What Next???

I shouldn't be giggling because stress for an elderly person is not funny, but I had to chuckle at my emotionally reactionary mom just a wee bit tonight. My mother, plus stress, plus the government is a bad, bad mix just calling for her to freak out completely.

The poor woman received a notice in the mail today to request her presence for jury duty. Mom served on a jury back in the '70's sometime and the stress nearly did her right in even back then when she was younger and more able to handle it.  To add to the stress of being asked for a second time, the notice was originally delivered to her former address nearly a month ago and it has taken this long to actually get to her.  Since you are given 5 days after delivery in which to respond, she really fell apart with fear.  I am not certain what Mom thinks the justice system will do to her because it has taken so long for her to be able to send a response, but it seems she is even more frightened of that department than she is of Revenue Canada...and she is sometimes nearly struck dumb with fear when she hears from them about anything.

Dad had her call me as he was having no success in calming her down, so I was fortunately able to craft a proper reason for her to request an exemption from duty: being needed at home to take care of dad.  If it turned out to be a sequestered jury for some reason, I would have to fly out to look after Dad in her absence.  Hopefully that, coupled with her age of 89, will be sufficient reason to excuse her.

Honestly, her birthdate appears on the notice...can there not be some sort of age related cut off point where people don't have to worry any more about being called for jury duty?  If she has to report for duty after all, she will be a complete nervous wreck, won't have slept for weeks before the trial and will be fighting tears and severe panic attacks the entire time.  Dad's life won't be worth living if she does get called up because she will come apart at the seams.

For two people who cannot handle stress they are getting their share of it at the moment.  Thank goodness for the telephone so I can talk them least occasionally! I pray that the stress could be lifted from their lives for at least a little while.

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