Friday, March 17, 2017

Nearly Ready For Weekend Company

It's been a mad scramble the past 2 days just to accomplish the simplest shopping, banking and grocery buying before the rellies arrive tomorrow.  I seem to be on "underdrive" these days in terms of speed...heart related and I know when NOT to push myself.  However, all that is left is a good scrub down of the bathroom in the morning before they arrive and a trip to the liquor store this afternoon for some white wine, beer and a few bottles of Crabbies.  

The above zero temperatures have turned our remaining piles of snow out on the back lawn into a mushy goose poop filled lake that makes getting from our back door to the car nearly impossible unless we want to drench our boots and shoes in muck and water....sigh....  Our company this weekend is going to have to park on a side street, walk the long way around to our building and use our ridiculously teensy front entryway to access our suite in order to stay clean and dry.  O how I am hoping that the surveyor who was here a few weeks ago now was scoping out possibilities for redoing the landscaping on our particular lot.  Hope, hope, this case hope deferred will not only make the heart sick, it could make the rest of my body sick if something isn't done to get rid of the water and poop buildup.  Talk about disgusting......if moving wasn't so expensive and time consuming I doubt we would have signed another 1 year lease....and of course yet another drop in monthly rent for doing so was also rather appealing........

Well, best get at it......I need to do my hair so that I look somewhat human at least before I head out for the rest of the afternoon.

Tonight a friend from church is going out for dinner with me, so that will be fun.  It should energize me for finishing up the cleaning and rehearsing my choir music tomorrow morning before our guests arrive. I need to finalize as well which vocal warm ups I am going to use at Sunday afternoon's rehearsal.

It has been a busy and very good week!

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