Saturday, March 18, 2017

Nearly Ready.........Yawn......

Even I cannot believe how slowly I am moving today!  Last night I had a delicious meal at London Belle with my friend, a couple of glasses of pinot grigiot that mellowed me out considerably despite the quality of the wine being quite dreadful, and a good sleep to follow, but I am moving at snail's pace this morning!  Blaaaah!

I was so tickled that London Belle took a reservation booking for us, but I shouldn't have wasted my joy, haha.  When we arrived, there was no record of any booking, no clue which fellow would have taken the reservation and not a free table in the place! I was less than impressed, but my friend noticed 2 open spots along one end of the bar that had rather comfortably upholstered stools with back supports, so we nabbed those.  Glad we did.  It was very noisy in there last night, but sitting right beside each other we could hear ourselves talking, so that was a bonus over sitting across from each other at a table.  One of the older staff, a manager I believe, was louder than any of the young men who were bellering at each other as they bellied up to the other end of the bar, but we ignored him and the rest of the loud folk and had ourselves a great visit. The burgers and caesar salads were delicious and very reasonably priced. I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

So this morning the bathroom is cleaned, my husband got away to his all day meeting with a decent portion of snacks to carry him through the day and I have had a relaxing hot shower.  

Hmmmmm....delicious wine, a good sleep, a hot I figuring out some reasons for my lack of speed this morning?  Hmmmmm?  Ya' think??? hahaha

Time to unload the dishwasher, finish deciding what to feed our family for dinner tonight with the salmon filets and do some singing practise.  This afternoon our company will arrive and my husband will come home and it will be a wonderful next few days together.

PS: it is to go up to +9C outside by this afternoon!  YIPPEE!!  The warmest day of the weekend and our daytime highs are to be just above 0 ALL this coming week!!!

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