Saturday, March 25, 2017

Non-Stop Celebrating!!

My husband woke up at 6am today, awake and rested sufficiently for the first time in a couple of weeks, conscious of the fact that for our 40th anniversary tomorrow he had arranged a big fat zero for me.  No flowers, no gift, no dinner reservations, not so much as a card!  hahahaha  (Why he found himself so shocked by his own behaviour I do not know, because he rarely has anything prepared for our anniversary anyway as such things are not HIS thing.)  So, he spent the early waking hours of the morning ordering me a special surprise bouquet of roses, mini-carnations, baby's breath and ferns and making a dinner reservation back at Memories for tomorrow evening.  teehee  I LOVE it when he makes himself feel guilty about such things because I "do" far better than if he had remembered in the first place. hahaha  Lots to look forward to tomorrow on top of him being free to attend morning church service with me, plus I have choir rehearsal for my afternoon entertainment.

Today has been quite a wonderful birthday for him.  Although he woke up early, he felt well and has continued to feel well all day long.  We ran a few errands this morning, stopping into the Cathedral shopping district briefly afterward where I was able to find one of my needed two pair of SAS sandals and he was able to get a stellar deal on some special Chinese tea he loves.  The store is not allowed to sell it in less than 50gram packs and all the manager had left was about 45 grams, so he just bagged it up and gave it to my husband for free along with the other bit of tea he was purchasing.  YAY! What a nice birthday treat for him.  While I was buying my sandals, my husband raced down the street to the very florist's shop where he had ordered my flowers so early in the morning, sneaked them into the car and presented them to me as soon as we got home.  When he asked me what I wanted to do after our errands had been completed and I said I wanted to look for sandals at the Cathedral district store (Ianonne's shoes and foot clinic)he couldn't believe it.  We rarely go there and he was wondering how best to get my flowers picked up without having to ruin the surprise. haha

What could I do but take him out for lunch, right?  We went to Dosa Garden on Albert Street.  They have new owners (again) and the menu is more comprehensive. The food is just as delicious, if not more so, than previously.  I ordered a spicy pepper chicken.  The sauce was exquisite and just hot enough, along with buttered naan bread.  The sauce was so delicious I refused to waste any and brought home the remains to heat up tonight with some left over ground chicken that has spent the last 48 hours in my refrigerator looking kind of drab and tasteless. Not any more........tonight's dinner awaits!  My husband ordered a potato and chicken stuffed dosa and it was exactly what he was hoping for.  There were 3 dipping sauces for the dosa:  tomato yogurt, coconut cashew and sambhar.  YUM!!  I think next time I am there I will order a dosa, cut off the extra batter on the ends for him to enjoy so I don't over-carb, then eat the delicious stuffed centre with the dips.  The dosa was thin, thin, thin and perfectly rolled and browned.

So, the birthday and anniversary parties continue.  How very blessed are we?  How I wish all the people I was worrying about last night could enjoy what we are enjoying this weekend.   Why us and not them, is all I can wonder.......

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