Monday, March 13, 2017

Particularly Thankful For Yesterday Now That Today Is Underway!!

Yesterday's joys have become even more meaningful since I woke up this morning and checked my email!

A dear friend was rushed to the hospital overnight with severe food poisoning that was causing her to faint over and over again...vomit, faint, vomit, faint...terrifying for her and her husband.

Another old friend has been in hospital more than out of it for the past few years with a series of hip and knee replacements and subsequent infections.  He has been in hospital again since February and is becoming more ill with every passing day.  His body is so filled with infection at this point he may not live until his next hip and partial femur replacement.  He is only in his 50's.  He is actually a longterm prison inmate and at this moment there are 2 armed guards posted outside his hospital room 24 hours a if he would be able to go anywhere in his condition. He cannot walk as half his leg is missing and he is so ill he is incapable of speech.  I understand the worry that someone else could come and try to break him out, or even "do him in", but o my...  The whole situation upsets me something terrible.  At the same time, his elderly mother has developed another bout with her own serious heart problems.  His brother has a sleep disorder that is so bad right now he can barely remember his own name, let alone his duties at work.  The good news in the family is that the very young granddaughter of my prisoner friend has just apparently been healed through prayer of a very serious cancer.  The doctors are mystifed and delighted as the evidence mounts that the cancer is actually gone.  This family has been like a second family to us for decades and it is so painful watching them go through all these and so many other trials, so we are all hanging onto hope that is coming through the wee girl's possible healing.

Another friend was subjected to some serious emotional abuse by her family over the weekend....nothing particularly new, but why does that level of dysfuction in any family have to be the "normal" way of relating to each other?  Sigh......

In my own life I feel so blessed at the moment.  Despite whatever little problems are irritating me, I am not needing to cope with nearly as many truly serious issues of life and death and family dysfunction that these people are. Our family is dealing with a couple of such things right now, but we are not being hit with serious problems en masse, so to speak, like other friends are.

Lord please make all these people newly aware of your love and your mercy and your healing and your grace. All of them know you and all of them are trusting you to do what is ultimately best for them, regardless of what it looks like from our own limited point of view.  Thank you for seeing the big picture, for knowing the end from the beginning, for being there to comfort us even in the midst of pain you do not deliver us from here on this earth.  Help us to support one another through prayer and acts of comfort. Help us to trust you even when we are experiencing pain we don't understand the reasons for.
Thank you Lord, in Jesus' mighty name, Amen!!

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