Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Poor Mom and Dad

This evening I had a rather depressing phone conversation with my parents.  Poor Dad is going through some intense withdrawal symptoms as he ends his 4 years of too much hydromorph.  In fact some of his symptoms have been so intense he ended up going by ambulance to hospital Monday afternoon.  Sigh....if I hadn't called them tonight I wonder when I would have found that out.

Fortunately for Dad the specific problem was fixed within a few hours and he was home again by 9pm.  Tonight is his last dose of morphine.  In only 3 weeks he has gone from taking 12 or more mg a day to 2mg a day over the past 3 days. No wonder his body is suffering withdrawal, but I am glad he has been brave enough to obey his new doctor and do this.  If he can get through another week of withdrawal he should find life to be much happier, more active and less about sleeping constantly.

I am actually more worried about how Mom is holding up through this. She is completely exhausted by it all. Sigh.......  Dad said she ordered him to wake her up every time he has to get up in the night to use the bathroom, and over the past week that has been numerous times each night.  She is afraid if he falls down in the bathroom she will not hear him calling out for help because she is so deaf.  I asked him why he doesn't leave his emergency call button necklace on his bedside table and just pick it up and take it with him every time he gets up in the night so he doesn't have to wake mom up.  There was a stunned silence when I asked him and then both he and mom admitted they never thought of that.  Sigh........  Of course dad can't wear the necklace to bed because just rolling over could push the button and accidentally signal the downstairs desk that there is an emergency when there isn't, but neither of them had their wits about them to realize that instead of leaving it on the dresser at the other end of the bedroom, Dad could leave it right beside his head on the night table with his glasses, which he also picks up and puts on every time he gets out of bed.  Aiii yiiii.....the fact that Dad wouldn't think of something so obvious is not a surprise as he is rather dibbled a good deal of the time now, but for Mom not to think of it is downright worrysome!  It tells me how stressed out and tired she is getting to be.

This is when living so far away is so terribly frustrating.  I can't afford to just hop on a plane, or even drive out there, any old time I happen to feel like it.  It could be June at this rate before I can get out there again. Sigh.........

Well, that is just how life goes sometimes.  I will try not to worry more than I should and I do pray that Mom can recover her clarity of thought as such a thing is pretty much beyond Dad at this point. Sigh.....old age really sucks!  My parents are so ready to go home to Jesus and for their sake I hope things don't have to get a lot worse before that happens.

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