Monday, March 20, 2017

Possibly Great News For Dad! Here's Hoping..........

Received a most encouraging phone call from my dad tonight.  He was at his new doctor's office today for an appointment to talk about his complete inability to stay awake, his lack of an actual life, the accompanying depression etc.  Dad admitted that he has no more will to live.

The short version is that his new doctor is starting to wean him off all the hydromorph he has been taking for the past 4 years.  The hope is that in about 4 weeks time, or so, he will be weaned off it completely and the other hope is that he won't need more than an occasional anti-pain booster to help his spinal pain.  If the withdrawal is successful then there are at least 2 more meds that he will try to remove from dad's huge roster of medications and still others that he will readjust dosages for.  

I am delighted that this new fellow does not have the attitude that at dad's age he just has to live with having no life, should just accept the fact that he is old and going to die.  If he can restore any quality of life to dad, no matter how temporary it may turn out to be, it would not only help dad to cope, but remove a huge burden from my mother as well.

SO LORD:  I am asking for this one thing for my have some quality of life restored for awhile for both him and mom before it is time for dad to come to live with you.  If it isn't asking too much......Amen!

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