Thursday, March 9, 2017

So Glad Our Son Has An Interesting Life!!

I so enjoy hearing what our son is up to most every day of the week.  He does so many interesting things.  His call tonight certainly was a cheery one.

This week he took his university students to the Vancouver Art Gallery for one of their classes.  He spent some time in his studio working on some new wooden sculptures.  This morning he spent an hour learning how to use a new computer art programme and associated electronic equipment one of the big computer softwear companies will soon release, then tomorrow night he is one of 2 artists invited to a special affair at VAG sponsored by that company. He and the other artist will demonstrate the new softwear for all the guests there.  He gets paid for this kind of fun!  Tonight he was on his way down to a small art gallery in Chinatown to listen to a lecture about deep space being presented by a  renowned physicist.

The director of the gallery where our son has worked for years announced he is leaving in a few weeks to pursue other ventures, so now the pressure is on for our son to stay in Vancouver to either become the new director of the gallery, or at least assist with the transition time instead of moving to NYC in April.  As his father and I have experienced with every major move we have felt called to make there is always a distraction, another option, a temptation, that arises at the last minute to confuse the issue.  Our son has a dream and he knows it may or may not work out, but so far all the doors have opened in that direction, so we encouraged him to try to head south instead of remaining with the "same old same old".  He has given himself until the age of 40 to be a starving artist type of fellow before he settles down as a curator or other more steady employment and that age is approaching far too quickly to push the dream into the background once again for the sake of making other people happy.

So...we continue to pray that he will be able to continue to see clearly what path to try in the coming months.  Tonight we told him that if he goes south and it doesn't work out, or he gets turned away at the border as he tries to go south, we will be his safety net.  If it all crashes and burns he won't have to feel like a failure or have nowhere to go while he looks for work back home. We told him that so he can relax, but we have a strong sense of excitement that whatever happens as far as his visa and actually being able to return NYC, there are good things, more exciting events about to happen in his life as he steps out once again in faith.  Ooh, it is such fun living vicariously through his adventures!!

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