Wednesday, March 1, 2017

So Grateful For All the Bottled Water Currently Stored On Our Food Shelves

This morning, instead of remembering the water main break across the street and preparing myself for the water likely being turned off today while the city fixes the problem, I woke up thinking about the seating arrangements for the dinner after my friend's ordination later this month.  Aiiiiii yiiiii...what on earth????

Anyway, I kind of got caught.  I decided my husband's laundry  needed to be done today and managed to almost complete the first load before the water went off for the day.  hahaha  Well, at least the final spin cycle had a chance to get started before I had to shut the machine off due to lack of water.  The clothes from load #1 were sufficiently spun out to put into the dryer and hopefully I can complete the other 2 loads by bedtime this evening.  The load in the dryer is the only  load containing any clothes that require ironing, so I will have time this morning to iron them and put them away in the closet rather than spending the time rushing up and down the stairs to the laundry to change loads.  

I realized right after the water went off that I had not brushed my teeth yet, so I said a prayer of thanks that we are well stocked with bottled water.  It would be a rare instance indeed we would not have enough bottled water on hand to brush teeth and at least have sponge baths for a day or two.

Once again I have reason to be thankful that we cannot drink the tap water here and rejoice that we both make sure we never run short of the bottled variety.

Of such mundane activities and thoughts is my life composed.

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