Sunday, March 12, 2017

Sweet, Sweet Sunday!

Sundays don't get much better than this one!  Despite waking up to blowing snow and icy streets, it turned out to be a marvellous day!

Church went well.  Our priest got back from a course in Florida in time to take the service today and that was a treat for me. Her energy and good preaching are always edifying to me.  Her idea that we need to start small groups for Bible study is meeting a bit of resistance, because it is a new idea to that group, so that is okay, BUT it appears there is all ready one study preparing to start with those on the music team.  That is awesome!  I am greatly encouraged about what good things can start happening in our church.

I am not on the music team, but I was asked to help out today by singing in a trio.  Our pianist chose a song from the hymn book I had not heard before.  It was simple and lovely.  I think we sounded quite good actually, although I was not as secure as I thought I would be....darned well nervous in fact!  Yikes, that is happening to me too often in groups these days!! Anyway, other than some nerves I enjoyed it and it was good for me to participate.

By the time we had to leave for Moose Jaw at 2pm the snow had stopped coming down and the wind had calmed considerably.  The highway was amost completely bare and dry all the way both going and coming home.  The streets in Regina and Moose Jaw are a mess...covered in snow and treacherously slippery, particularly at the intersections, but no doubt the ploughs will be out in force tomorrow.

What a wonderful time we had at the ordination service.  My friend looked gorgeous, all happy and excited and she did a great job responding to the questions of ordination as read to her by the Bishop.  My husband got to join in with the other clergy that laid hands on my friend to pray for her and that tickled him no end. He is as proud of my friend as I am.  After the ceremony there was a delicious shepherds pie potluck meal and a LOT of visiting.  The theme was Jesus as our shepherd, so there were sheep all over the hall, small stuffed ones as part of the table centerpieces, and cut outs across the walls, balloon was really cute!  Some enterprising woman spent hours cutting out cauliflower buds and attaching sheep ears and faces to them.....the most adorable thing I have ever seen.  Cupcakes were iced to look like woolly sheep....really a tremendous lot of work went into the decorations and the food.

We were surprised how many of the people in attendance greeted us specifically because we were either:

a) Anglican and they had some sort of Anglican background connection


b) from Regina, "You're from Regina! Just like me!"  hahaha  

It was so nice to finally be able to put faces to names of my friend's family and other out of town friends and to see my friend so excited.

Again congratulations dear friend.  You have done amazing things!

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