Friday, March 10, 2017

The Best Possible Family Health News!!

There are times when we receive great encouragement to continue to pray for other people and today is one of those days!

Just got off the phone from our relative who recently underwent cancer surgery. The results came in today and they are the best possible under the circumstances.  HALLELUJAH!!!  I feel like a huge weight is starting to lift off us all.

This cancer is rare and extremely aggressive. The good news is that it appears there is no metastasis!!  If there had been it would likely have been "game over".  However, due to being alert to even the smallest of symptoms, our relative was able to catch this cancer at a stage 1a or 1b.  As the doctor said, "Early days!"  Thank you God.

So, it appears there will be 4 chemo treatments spread over the next 3 months, followed by a week of radiation...that is about the lowest number of treatments required...pretty incredible!!  There could have been months of treatment had any other areas of the body been effected.  

Once the time for "don't worry, everything is going to be okay", is past after a cancer diagnosis, there are degrees of "good, better, best" and it seems in this case the prognosis is absolutely the best.

Thank you everybody for all your prayers and please continue through into the summer as you feel so called, because there could be some reactions to the chemo of course.  Praying the side effects will not be too difficult to deal with.

Once my husband returns from his weekend of ministry out of town, we are going to be able to arrange for our relative to come here for a visit prior to the start of the chemo treatments.  What a fabulous treat that is going to be!!  YAY!!!

In other family health news: my parents called last night with their current test results for various problems.  Dad is doing better.  It appears that his problems may be the result of too much blood thinner and his iron pills.  He will be changing those meds for the next week to 10 days, then having more tests to confirm. So, while he isn't quite certain just yet that all is essentially well, it is looking positive.

My mom found out that she can continue to take her present acid reflux medication, but once this batch is finished her doctor is switching her to something less hard on the kidneys with long term use.  Her creatinine level over the past year has continued to go down and her kidney function is much better than it was a year ago. The doctor suspects that the stress she was under from the move the previous autumn, followed almost immediately by severe medical distress for dad, pushed her hormones and her kidneys over the edge. She has also become very strict about her salt intake and is much more aware of how much water she needs to drink every day.  The intense stress has eased, her diet is better. She is doing remarkably well these days.

So, all the news from family about their health is as good as can be expected and I am as relieved as I can be at the moment!  Thank you prayer warriors for working alongside the Lord and helping our family!