Saturday, March 4, 2017

There's Always a Price to Be Paid for "Gorgeous" in Early March

My husband just checked the weather forecast for his morning journey out of town.  Sadly, by 5am we will likely be experiencing freezing rain.  At his destination point that same system will have been pouring out the freezing drizzle since 2am. Sigh....over 2 hours of nightmare driving.

I suggested he toss all his necessary sermons, papers and clergy gear together, I would book him a hotel room and he could leave this evening, but he decided he is just far too tired to drive for over 2 hours in the dark and then try to relax enough to sleep in a strange bed.  Bless him for preparing himself to tackle MY worst driving nightmare in the morning instead.  If I was going with him we would definitely be on our way to one of the destination hotels right NOW! hahaha

So, should you find this before 7am Sunday, could you shoot up a quick prayer for his safety as he tackles the ice?

I have all ready texted my own ride to church for the morning and told her that if I am not standing in our usual meeting place when she arrives, to just keep driving and not wait for me.  If there is a sheet of ice all over the sidewalks and streets I am going nowhere in the morning!!!

Aaaaah, prairie winter/spring weather.  It changes so very quickly. As irritating and dangerous as it can be sometimes, I admit I find the quick changes completely fascinating!  As much as I say I would prefer to live somewhere that has no winter season, I am not certain I would really like it all that much.  We had almost no winter in Tokyo the year we lived there, even though for that part of the world there was more "winter" than they usually had and I discovered I really am a 4 seasons gal.  That is the only downside of a Panamanian or Costa Rican retirement plan.

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