Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Time Flies.......

The last couple of days have gone by in a blur.  Where is this week so quickly disappearing to??  Seems like Sunday's fun was just yesterday but tomorrow is Wednesday all ready.

We had an overnight guest last night and again tonight, leaving tomorrow morning.  He is a former colleague of my husband's. What a dream guest!  He gets up with us in the morning, has a bit of breakfast and is gone to meetings all day and "meet 'n' greet" dinners and events all evening.  Both evenings he has returned with just an hour or so to spare for a visit before we all go to bed for the night and that is it........a perfect guest!  No worry about having meals ready to suit him because he hasn't eaten more than breakfast, no having to entertain him all evening when we really don't know him very well.  He is young enough not to mind having to cram himself and our elderly foam mattress onto the floor in the tiny extra room that is lined on all 4 walls with cheap bookcases filled to the ceiling with textbooks and sermon preparation notes. He doesn't snore...a real bonus with the paper thin walls between the rooms.  He waits to use the bathroom in the mornings until after he knows we old fogeys are finished in there.  I don't have to wash and iron his clothes between each day's meetings...yes, we have had guests in times past who assumed I would be thrilled to do that little thing for them overnight...no, I am not kidding.  

This coming weekend we have guests coming who are sleeping in a motel. They are family and therefore honest enough to admit our accommodations are less than acceptable for them, so they can be comfortable each night and I can wander around our place in my jammies after they return to their hotel each evening.  We spend the days together and relax in comfort after dinner in our own spaces.  I like family visits!!  In fact the next time our son comes to visit I think I am going to fork out for a hotel room for him!  So much more privacy for everyone after a day in our small space.

The following week we have a couple coming overnight who will have to cram both of themselves into the same small space as our present guest...and hopefully the ancient air mattress they are going to have to float on all night will not spring a leak and leave them flat on the hard floor!!

I have decided I also like non-family company who stay in hotels, but if everyone was like the fellow currently on the other side of my bedroom wall I could enjoy overnighters more, even in this teensy suite.  Our former rectory had 2 bathrooms and 3 bedrooms, so it was easy to have overnighters, but this place...yikes!!

This morning I decided to spend a LOT of money on an early birthday gift for my husband.  We have had a horrible time trying to purchase his favourite Beanfield brand bean chips as Bulk Barn is no longer carrying them. I stocked up on rice cakes at Bulk Barn, but they only had 3 sad looking bags of Beanfield chips in the clearance cart...yup, I bought them, but there were no other chips there that weren't as fat filled as regular potato chips.  So, I drove to Body Fuel Organics at 1125 McDonald Street and went crazy stocking up on the best variety of Beanfield chips I have seen in this city, and I got some other healthy snacks for my husband.  With his food sensitivities he has a terrible time trying to find anything he can munch on that is not so high in fat and sodium that it doesn't create other problems.  The manager is a young friend of ours and she was fun to visit with while I ferreted out some good food. She found me a huge bag of portobello mushrooms, so those will be great fun to cook up later this week.  I came home with an empty wallet, but a great warm feeling knowing my husband would be thrilled about all this great food for his lunches at work and his evening snacks...and he totally is!!

After lunch I had a really good workout with my weights, the time I can jog on the spot without becoming asthmatic is getting longer each week so I enjoyed that aspect of my exercise as well.  Then I caught up on some tv shows I recorded weeks ago...again from BBC Earth Channel....and got ready for my evening at the theatre with the women who work with my husband at the office.  We ate a meal together in the office meeting room that one of the gals had prepared...a most delicious turkey stew with my favourite black beans and corn. For dessert we had a home made butter tart each that were baked by our former Metropolitan Archbishop. He is the most amazing baker!  Then we headed over to the Globe Theatre to watch the play...a modernized version of the relationship between King Henry Vlll and his last wife, Katherine Parr:  "The Last Wife".  It was full of wit and subtle humour and some outright hilarity, some actual historical facts, some interesting "modern language", excellent acting and the Globe's usual style of amazingly simple and effective set design.  The choreography to move the set pieces in and out and around the round centre stage must have taken as long to prepare and rehearse as the play itself.  We are a rather eclectic group of women but we all get on very well together. The dinner conversation is always as interesting as the plays we attend.

Tomorrow I will bus myself down to Cornwall Centre to pick up a few small things I was supposed to go and pick up last week and never got around to doing.  Since my husband and I each barely have enough lens cleaner to wash our glasses in the morning, I really do have to go get some more tomorrow.  The following day we are to get snow and rain that will be frozen to everything by mid-afternoon....a good day to stay home and get going on the major housecleaning I need to do before our weekend company arrives.  If I can get it done before Saturday, then I can spend that morning practising my music for choir on Sunday afternoon.

My husband can have a good personal visit with his family while I am at choir. Monday we have a bank appointment scheduled for mid-afternoon so will have to excuse ourselves, but it should take less than an hour. Other than that we have over 2 full days cleared to be with the family.

So, just like that I am nearly into the middle of next week all ready!  Unreal!!

It is nearly 11:30pm so I guess I better get to bed.  6:30am will be here before I am ready for it!!  It is warming up again outside, no need to plug the car in tonight so that is exciting!!

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