Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Way To Go Son

Last Friday our son was one of several lecturers at an afternoon seminar at the VAG. His talk was part of a series of artist's lectures by those with works currently on display there. I wish I could have attended.

He sent us his notes to read. The thrust of his talk was that abstract art is a perfect venue in which to explore the concept of meaninglessness in a safe be able to learn about the apparent meaninglessness in some aspects of life without feeling obligated to become nihilists.

 He talked about not being in a rush to assign meaning to pieces of art that may not make sense to us, but to enjoy instead the emotions they raise within us, even if they feel disturbing. 

Like his father does in his Sunday sermons, our son deliberately made his talk quite controversial in order to bring about some heated discussion with the audience afterward. He had a fascinating subtext about the spiritual aspect as well that certainly started some arguing. hahahaha My husband and I could read in his notes some of our own methods of presentation and we are glad they seem to work for him as well.

One of my biggest disappointments in life is that our tiny immediate family is so scattered. There are three family units still living and between the ten of us in total, we live in five different cities in three different provinces! It is not possible to get together very often and that makes me feel sad. With all the moves my husband and I have made I feel completely rootless. Access to family being so difficult doesn't help that one bit!

So, we do the best we can with phone calls, e-mail and Skype. Just occasionally though I would love to surprise my parents with dinner out, attend my sister in law's choir concerts and get to know her step-children better and yes, attend one of my son's exhibitions or lectures. 


Susan Erlenbach said...

I hear you about the family being spread out. Having a daughter and son in law here is wonderful! I miss my other kids and my family as well.

Susan said...

I can well imagine the struggle of being away from the two youngest!