Saturday, March 4, 2017

What a Gorgeous Day!!

Today's high is well above zero and after a morning of completing a house cleaning project while my husband was at a meeting, an oversized lunch together and an hour watching, finally, the season finale of The Blacklist, my husband and I decided it was high time to get out and enjoy at least a short walk before the warmth of the afternoon began to dissipate.

I am one of those people who needs a destination when I go for a walk. I spent too many years bored out of my mind in small towns, walking the same streets over and over and over again, year after year, seeing and doing nothing new because there was nothing new to see or do.  So today we took out the beginnings of my next week's shopping list and took the longest way possible to the grocery store.  We discovered that we can turn our usual 4 block return trip into a walk of 12 blocks by going on the largest circle route.  

O, it was wonderful seeing how much snow has melted in the past 2 days, enjoying the warmth of the sun on our faces....or, in my case, on the back of my head because I am so terrified of another fall I walk looking down at my every step....unzipping our coats, stripping off our mitts and folding the toques back into our pockets.

It is almost unbearable to think that on Monday we are to get about 5cm of fresh snow, followed by another nearly 9cm next Thursday.  I would love to assume the forecasters are wrong about another dump of snow, but the weather service we use is generally pretty accurate.

My husband came home exhausted from his meeting, but he had a bit of a rest, ate lunch, worked on his sermon and other notes for tomorrow's service out of town and then helped me carry home our few groceries.  He came home from our walk newly energized to complete his notes for the morning service.  I filled the car with gasoline a couple of days ago so he won't have any last minute panic over that at 6:30am when he leaves.  

Now I need to unpack those few groceries into the storage cabinet and take a gander into the refrigerator to see what I can add into our bacon and egg dinner tonight to make it more exciting. 

Oh, by the way, for you The Blacklist watchers...I am pretty sure that the person behind Red's poisoning and Dembe's defection is Mr. you agree?

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