Monday, March 6, 2017

Whirling Dervish Outside

Wow, the wind has been  howling all day!  We only have about 5cm of snow in total but the wind has tossed it in big sheets all over the place, leaving bare patches of ice in between piles of the snowfall that are peaked on top like meringue on a lemon pie.  Watching it blow down the street today reminded me of watching sand from high dunes when the winds pick up the grains in such a thick sheet it is visually impenetrable, just for a few terrifying seconds.

Just after dinner tonight I opened the back door to check how much snow had blown around on our deck and could barely push the door open as there was so much snow piled up against it.  After forcing it open I slogged over to the shovel on the other side of the deck and cleared the deck and steps.  I assume that since the snow is still coming down in the howling wind I will have twice as much snow to clear off there in the morning. Sometimes we have to go out the front door and plunge through the piles of snow around the building to get to the back deck and shovel out the back door so we can get it open.  Aaaah, always lots of fun around here! hahaha  Thank the Lord for shovels, warm puffy parkas with hoods, big leather mittens and knee high insulated boots!

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